Game Times:

Currently we offer Wednesday (615pm earliest game), Monday, Thursday and Friday night competitions (630pm earliest game) for you to join, however if your preference is for another evening or later start times please enquire with us. The current latest game finishing times are 830-9pm (subject to team numbers)

Who Plays When:

Mixed 6-a-side Monday/Wednesday/Friday,  Mens 5-a-side Thursday, Open 4-a-side Friday

Basic Game info:

Each team plays 2 games per night which are either back to back or 1 whole game apart, 5 min between games. A game consists of 2 halves with a total time period of 25 minutes. As each game is against a different team it does not matter if there is an odd number of teams in the competition. For more information See Rules and Regulations

We constantly have teams and individuals enquiring about playing this new indoor sport so your night may be starting sooner than you think.

Game Cost:

Cost is based on a whole team but this usually equates to $12 per person (from 1/7/14). A full team of 6 (on the court at one time) is $72 with a minimum of $60 for less than 6 players. (usual min.  of 4 players). University and Senior High School currently $10, under 15 currently $8. This price covers both games on the night.

However in the ‘Social’ grades you can have more players (on the team, not the court) and rotate onto the court at half time. This equals a reduced cost as the ‘Team’ charge is still $72.

Fill in players, trial or beginner teams and temporary players are still most welcome as any fees they pay start at the individual price of $12 per night.

So if this seems easy enough, you too may be enjoying an evening in the sand socialising with friends and even a bit of exercise, if your keen.

Without being too strenuous on the body or travelling too far from home while enjoying the fun and atmosphere of the night may be just what you need.

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Individual Interest!

Please note: We have endeavoured to provide the safest facility possible, however Management accepts no responsibility for any injuries sustained by any player or their guests whilst in the centre. Also, all persons participating in the game of beach volleyball at this centre do so at their own risk.